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Named Doctor for all Patients

Dated: 18-Jun-15

You may be aware that from April 2015 all practices are required under their contract to allocate a named GP to all their patients, who will have overall responsibility for the care and support that our surgery provides them.

This does not mean that you will only see your named GP; your care will still be provided by the most appropriate member of the clinical team at The Callowland Surgery.

Having a ‘named GP’ does not prevent or restrict you from seeing any other doctor or nurse in the practice as you currently do. You can still see the doctor of your choice. Continue to book your appointments with the practice in the same way that you do now.

You do not need to take any further action. If you have any queries regarding your named GP, please ask when you next visit the practice. 

Please note:  There is no need to telephone the surgery for this information.

 If you have a preference as to which GP is your named GP, the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this request.

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